Hi, I'm James!

Software Engineer, Ruby on Rails specialist and Git expert

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Software Engineer, Ruby on Rails specialist and Git expert


An experienced software engineer with a knack for solving client's needs.

James has been writing websites since 1997, javascript since 2002, Ruby on Rails since 2011 and has evolved alongside them.

Highlight include building enterprise software at GitLab while working remote from exotic locations, co-founding AirSorted (now Houst), and giving a presentation to rocket scientists.

Along the way I've built games, startups and numerous websites (too many to include here).

Check out some things I've learnt at https://jameslearnt.com.

Open Source Projects

I've submitted patches to a wide range of open source projects, made forks of some that others have found useful and started some small scale projects myself.

I also have several hundred contributions to GitLab where I worked for 4 years.

The below are projects I've either started myself or made significant forks of.

Reverse engineered Zoom's screencapture protocol on Linux, then implemented tool to enable screensharing on wayland. Also investigated Pipewire as a more long term solution, making a couple of early commits to xdg-desktop-portal-wlr.

Gnome-dbus-emulation-wlr (2019)

ruby, C, python

Album Art for your Movies!

Wrote a C# tool to decorate folders with movie posters and IMDB ratings.



A Chrome extension to add an IMDB rating link to Wikipedia movie articles. Fetches ratings from OMDBapi.com if the page has IMDB as an 'External Link'.



I wanted to try out web-components, so got started with dart and implemented Cascade. It's a direct port of my first ever java GUI project, which was in turn a port of PSION cascade aka SameGame

Cascade (2013)


As an excuse to continue learning AngularJs, I built a Salary Converter. I wanted to focus on keeping the interface simple by hiding all options within a natural sentence, and removing options when they get in the way.

Salary Converter (2013)


Startups and Projects

University projects

Childhood Projects

My first website where I learned my craft, back when GeoCities was the cool new thing and picking a web framework was Frames vs Tables.


HTML, javascript

My first game, of many. Written in Macromedia Flash when I was around 11, oh the nostalgia


Macromedia Flash

This is why I know I'm not a natural-born designer 😂

The companion website to our winning entry to a Mars lander competition.

Complete with VRML models and a spin-off game: Mission Husky

Mars Lander project

HTML, VRML, Rocket Science



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James Edwards-Jones

Built with React, Gatsby and Netlify-CMS